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Bladder Mold
Bladder Mold
Bladder is one of important things in tire producing.



Charng-Sheng Machinery Company have years of experience in the manufacture of bladder mold.


It’s been a popular in the last several of years.

We are able to make bladder injectcion/compression molding mold for your exist compression curing press.We construct bladder injection molds for any type of bladders from 4” tires up to 26”tires.

A BOM type, Autoform (NRM) – are all available with us. A thinner wall bladder is very efficiency with the injection system. It reduce a lot of bladder weight and cure time and also save the buffing job after the bladder cured, because of no flashes on the center of mold joint(surface) area.

A various kind of bladder vent skins are on requests and hard chrome plating is apply to our mold cavity to ensure you without corrosion and reduce the cleaning jobs.