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Charng-Sheng Machinery was founded in 1978 and based in Taiwan. The company is indeed in the manufacturing of tire equipment and molds including for new tire and retread industry. Our customer is world wide including professional major pneumatic tire and solid tire manufacturers. The main products of the equipment are Solid Tire Multidaylight curing press with tonnages from 400 to 1500 tons. Tire Flap Multidaylight Curing Press, Pre-cured Tread Liner Curing Press, Tire Curing Bladder Compression Molding Machine, Tire Loading/Unloading equipment etc. In the mold manufacturing we produce High Precision Tire Segmented Mold and its Containers for high performance tire producing. The ranges are from Motorcycle Radial Tire, Passenger Car Tire and Truck/Bus Tire. We also involved in the High Precision Bladder Injection Mold designing and manufacturing to satisfactory our customers need. Other mold products are Flap Molds, Pre-cured Tread Molds etc.
All the manufacturing is in our internal State-of-The Art CNC machines. This helps us providing a stable quality of the products and delivery to our customers. The ISO 9001 system and CE compliance are also introduced to our company and products. These enable us to sell our products all over the world.